The Value of the White House

How We Valued the White House

Calculating the value

To calculate the value of the White House today, Movoto Real Estate needed to know:
  • The current property values of luxury homes in Washington, D.C.
  • The size of the White House
Armed with this information, we then estimated that the White House would cost between $110 and $115 million. This includes 55,000 square feet of living space, 132 rooms, and 35 bathrooms.
Calculating the Value Over Time

To find out the value over time, we relied on various Case-Shiller indices for property prices going back to 1890. With these values, we found the remaining years by calculating the inflation rate. This allowed us to estimate what the iconic alabaster mansion would be for each year in 2011 dollars.
Note: We based our valuation of the White House on market statistics and did not account for the historical and cultural value that would likely increase the price to $1 billion or more.
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Which Presidents Profited on the White House?

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Build the White House or Launch It

LEGO Brick White House

LEGO Bricks: 158,783,167 Bricks
Cost: $15,878,317
Build Your House Out of LEGOs
Playing Card White House

Cards: 6,168,760 Cards
Packs: 118,630 Packs
Cost: $473,334
Build Your House Out of Cards
The White House in Space

Cost: $18,176,000,000
Trips: 142 Trips
Launch Your House Into Space
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